SELL ( Sharing Education Learning for Life ) Programme

Hello to your our readers and supporters I am very happy to make this short introduction on a new Youth Ministry Programme introduced to our Diocese. This Programme is a ministry of St. Patrick’s Missionary Society and has been invited into our Diocese by Bishop Ryan, himself a member of St. Patrick’s Missionaries.

After some months of networking with local stakeholders and building a resource room to work from and a residence to live in there has at last been an opportunity to meet a group of young adults in the field from the target area.

Ungweru which means is the organization that has offered SELL (Sharing Education Learning for Life) a space to develop from here in Northern Malawi under the auspices of Mzuzu Diocese. The welcome has been warm and there is excitement in moving towards rolling out the SELL with a like minded group of young people.

Just a week ago Fr. Leo Traynor, who is leading the initiative, had the opportunity to present an overview of SELL to young adults from south of Mzuzu – two hours drive south of Mzuzu at Katete community. Those who came travelled in from Mzimba, Embangweni, Nkhamenya, and Bowe. Many were assisted to come by the priests of their community. The gathering was wonderful. Great questions, lots of discussion and sincere interest. AsFr. Leo said ‘heart was lifted – it was much better for my spirit than watching blocks being laid one on top of another’.

The group of 69 young folk aged 19 – 32 years all agreed that they want SELL to come to their local communities. So he shared with them how that can be done as we will seek volunteers from among them to take the Training and his team will accompany them as they gain confidence to roll out the programme to many others.

Its great to see SELL a ministry of St. Patrick’s Missionary Society beginning in Malawi, beginning in the Catholic Diocese of Mzuzu.

We have begun  – more updates will follow as time goes.

Fr. Leo Traynor (for the SELL Team at the Youth Development Unit of Ungweru. Mzuzu. Malawi)